How to prepare your starter for baking

Congratulations on the purchase of your Sourdough Queen sourdough starter!

Once you've rehydrated the starter with a 1:1 ratio of dried starter chips to warm water, cover lightly and leave the mixture on your kitchen counter for a few hours until it doubles in size. 

When your starter starts to bubble and give off a sweet, acidic aroma, it will be ready for use. 

To make a single loaf of sourdough bread, you will need around 80-100g of starter. This is why it's important to feed your starter first and bring it up to your desired weight. 

A simple method is to use a 2: 2: 1 ratio for feeding your starter. You can use any type of flour you like (we like Dark Rye flour!), mix in equal amounts of flour and water with your starter and watch it double and triple in size!

To rehydrate 10g dried starter chips, you'll need 10g warm water 

To make bread, feed 20g flour and 20g warm water to 10g rehydrated mixture = 80-100g total after doubling in size

Baker's Tip: use a rubber band to help you see how your starter is growing